Thursday, September 5, 2013

Joys of Homeownership


I have a long arm quilting machine in my basement. It is located in a narrow area but it is finished with lights and storage. I have a table against the opposite wall.  Early last week I took a quilt top down to load it on the long arm. I began to set up and pulled out a plastic bin from under the table and my heart sank as I saw the water seeping out from the wall.


The table is placed in front of the access panel to the air conditioner/heat unit. So began the joys of homeownership. By the time my husband came home from work I had turned off the unit, moved the storage bins from under the table, cleared the table of my computer and printer, and began the mopping up the water.


A common problem is a clogged condensation tube/pipe. We cleaned it and put it back together again but it still leaked. We realized we would not have air conditioning that night. The next day I phoned the repair service and made arrangements for someone to come out, 2 days later.  In the end it cost us the price of the house call to find out that one must replace some water in the tube/pipe to create a suction to drain. We had stopped one step short of success and I lost 4 days before returning to my quilting machine.

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