Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilt Show with Husband

My husband and I took a long weekend away from home and work. We went to Colonial Williamsburg to rest and see some friends. We slept late and had dinner out each night. We enjoyed a walk thru Colonial Williamsburg although it was very cold. An agreement was made that I would get one day for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton (30 minutes south of Williamsburg). On Friday of the show we bought admittance tickets. My DH is no stranger around my quilting world; in fact he has made a few quilted items himself. Lately he has been making placemats as retirement gifts for coworkers (they must be retired military like him). We looked at the quilt exhibits but he began to get excited at the vendors area. I had a couple of small items I wanted to purchase at the vendors area and did so but my DH came out the winner of the buying game. Every time we came across patriotic fabric he had to look. He compared the bolts with his mental inventory of his own sash. At the first booth purchased he was taken back a little by the prices. But by the third booth purchase he just whipped out the credit card and picked up his yards of fabric. He returned home with more than a dozen yards of patriotic fabric to add to his sash and enjoyed the show very much.