Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Day on the old Planation

Sully Plantation in Northern Virginia holds an annual Quilt show each September. It is an outdoor event on the remaining grounds of the historic site. Quilts are displayed, vendors reunited and local guilds host. Children's activies are available with an emphasis on living and quilting in the 'olden days'. Tours are given through the historic 18th century house.

The show is held rain or shine so you know there were a lot of prayers for good wealther. The wealther was perfect. Everyone enjoyed the lovely day.

Late afternoon came and the families and quilters left for home. The staff and vendors packed up their tents and wares and drove away. The home became quiet again, the grounds bare, only the cars on the nearby highway to break the silence. For a few hours the laughter of children and oohs of adults brought the old grounds alive again.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe summer is over already? How quickly time goes by each year. I made a promise to myself that I would thoroughly clean my sewing room this summer. Thin out the magazines, pull selves from the walls, well you get the idea. It didn't happen. Big surprise, right.

But I did accomplish some things this summer. I had the surgery for my bum knee. That was a good thing. Knowing that I would be lay up so to speak for a while, I prepared several projects for hand work. I now have several quilts with binding and three small projects that needed hand quilting completed. Later this summer when I was moving around again, I went to work at my long arm Tin Lizzie. Several quilts are no longer in the UFO pile waiting.

This weekend as we celebrate Labor Day, I used the time to put in some labor. I completed a Holiday wall-hanging I have had planned for a couple of years. As the darkness descended I put in the last stitches on the top. Tomorrow I will load it up on the long arm machine. No last minute stitches the night before Christmas.

I will taken a leap of faith this year and entered the world of vending at major quilt shows. Two shows are this month. One is a 'one day show' in this region, the other is the Mancuso Pennsylvania show the 17 -20th of Sept. If you are in the region try to attend. It sounds like it will be a terrific show. I will show you the 'Labor Day' quilt.

Maybe I will get the sewing room cleaned for the Holidays.