Friday, April 25, 2014

What I did on Spring Break

My granddaughter (14) was on Spring Break last week. Her idea of vacation is to sleep ‘til noon, go to a movie, and have sleep overs with friends.  The adults in her life had different ideas. She had a class project to work on. Mom said to clean up the yard after the dogs, and Nana said it’s time to learn to sew.

I (Nana) had some fabric to make a quilt for donation.  I had pre- cut the fabric and a simple strip quilt would be ideal to work on her sewing skills. And she could get some volunteer time to her credit.

She has a little experience on the sewing machine so most of the time she kept a straight seam line. The blocks were made and then came the lesson on joining the blocks and rows. The last border was sewn on and she finally could have lunch! Two whole hours. But like most teens she secretly liked the finished top.

I am quilting and finishing the 45” X 50” quilt which will be donated to the local hospital Chemo clinic. She did by the way see a movie and have a sleep over during the week.