Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving is better than receiving

Yesterday I had an appointment in the morning that finished early. I thought about going home and doing all the things waiting for me. Yesterday was also my quilt guild’s charity quilt day. I hadn’t attended in several months and was feeling guilty about it. So I drove over to lend a hand. I am glad I did. The saying goes that you will get more out of giving than receiving. These quilts are donated to a local hospital’s Chemo Center. So far the guild has made and delivered 138 quilts. The guild group has a goal of 150 by the year’s end. When a bundle of quilts are delivered they are spread out on a table for all the staff and patients to admire. No one can resist hoooos and awes, and touching them. We all know that quilts do more than keep you warm, they warm the soul too. The center has told us that the quilts are highly prized by those who receive them. In fact one the ladies attending yesterday’s bee commented that her mother had received a chemo quilt (from another place and time) and loved it greatly, it had given her a great deal of emotional comfort during her ordeal. The comment cemented the fact that this project was giving to us as much as we were giving to the project.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autumn has past

October has flown by. It seems I say that every month. Every month I feel like have accomplished only half of what I intended to. October I taught a workshop, vendored at a quilt show, finished a quilt, and went to Quit Market in Houston. It sounds impressive. Yet I did not write a single blog entry. It only takes a few minutes. Actually it takes me longer than that as I really do not like writing. One event I did notice this month was the beautiful autumn we had. I love September and October, warm sunny days and cold nights gave us lots of color. I did take a picture or two of trees in their prime. I knew if I waited another day that color would be gone. A couple of days after the picture taking I left for the Quilt Market in Houston. Houston was having a cold spell. I usually take capris and tops but this I packed long pants and sweaters and I wore the sweaters every day. Super storm ‘Sandy’ was the topic of conversation, and some attendees left early in order to return home. ‘Sandy’ swept our home area more gently than most areas. When I returned however all the leaves were gone – not gone exactly – on the ground. Winter has firmly arrived; the sky is gray and cold. I have a new list to accomplish this month. We have the fireplace burning and I am writing again.