Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Every January I take an inventory of unfinished projects. I categorize them on the degrees of completion. Some only need the binding sewn on, some are waiting to be quilted, and some are packaged with fabric and pattern but not yet started. This inventory tells me 2 things, how many I have waiting and have accomplished in the previous year and what area of work I tend to neglect. Every year my goal is to complete more than I start or at least as many. Of course each year I fail – because there is always more beautiful fabric appearing calling to me to make a quilt from it. However not to sound like I don’t finish anything, I do. I do complete several quilts a year usually for business. This year I finished a several personal UFO’s that I donated to various organizations but I want to do more. Giving back to the community is my other resolution this year. The 3 years or so I have been busy and pursuing my own interests and that’s fine. I have though pushed my community work aside in doing so. This year I resolve to contribute again in that area. For me that means quilts for others. My quilt guild has a strong commitment of making quilts for others and I plan on attending the gatherings to help.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new year with new goals. I am delighted to start this year with the annoucement of Quiltmaker Magazine re-releasing the very first issue of their popular '100 Blocks' magazine series. What a way to start the year for me! My block is # 61 named Ahoy on page 42. I love this block and have made several quilts using it. Each time I made a this quilt block I have rearranged the layout of the blocks giving the quilt a whole new look. If you have not bought yourself a copy yet hurry and do so. They are now collectibles. 100 possiable quilts to make in one magazine.