Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Compliment

I recently had a wonderful compliment. I received an email from a lady asking for permission to show a quilt made from a pattern I designed. The quilt block is based on an old public domain block. It seams she had made the quilt from a pattern I did for a Windham Fabrics collection – Worn and Loved 2. It was available on the free download section of Windham’s website.

She made the quilt and offered it to an exhibit for the Houston Quilt Festival 2011. Houston Quilt Festival accepted it and it will be on display this fall. By the way, she did ask Windham Fabrics for permission also. We were happy to agree.

Most quilters do not think to ask the designer for permission. Perhaps they do not think it is necessary because they bought the pattern or perhaps fear that the designer will say no. Seldom will the designer say no. It is an ego booster to learn that someone liked the pattern so much that they entered the quilt into a contest or exhibit.
Laura, marketing director of Windham Fabrics, and I look forward to seeing the quilt in person this fall.