Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun or Work

My husband and I just returned from Orlando Florida. Yes, we did the Disney World and Universal  Studios thing. It was still very warm/hot there compared to the 70's at home. I thought we were crazy to go then but we had an opportunity arise and decided to go for it.

We enjoyed the theme parks and saw the newest attractions. At the Disney Star Wars attraction I had a picture taken of me with a light saber. I think a caption of it being the largest quilting needle sounds good don't you? Think of how many stitches one could load on that needle.

At Universal Studios I really liked the Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem section. The ride was great fun. All rides , of course, exit into the gift shops. At the exit of the ride we were greeted by 2 Minions who entertain us with disco music and were available for picture opportunities.  I was sorely tempted to 'capture' the minions and put them to work in my sewing room - like the elves in the 'Cobbler's Workshop' story. Perhaps then I would get more projects completed.  In the end I settled for pictures and a stuffed minion doll.  Back to work.

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