Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Frost

Scientists speak of people’s need of sunlight to keep up one’s motivation to do things. I agree that on dreary days it’s hard to accomplish anything. The arrival of autumn seems to give quilters a burst of energy. Autumn gives a show of color to inspire great works of quilts.
It’s my opinion that the autumn colors give quilters their peak of creative energy. The cooler weather entices us to use the burst of ‘color energy’ to create a new quilt to snuggle under. As the summer events, family vacations, etc. settle down, it’s now time to quilt in earnest. Many quilt-related activies also happen in the fall, which also inspires our creativity: Houston Quilt Festival being the biggest and well known event amongst many others.

Enjoy the color and let it inspire you to create, quilt, or write about a beautiful quilt.