Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Too Much Fabric?

Too Much Fabric?
Early this summer I joined many other quilters to help a Quilt Shop owner liquidate her shop of fabric and notions.  Her prices were rock bottom and we all went crazy and emptied our pockets, checkbooks, and credit cards.  We stood in lines and called out to each other asking “how much will you be taking of that green fabric? I’ll take 2 yards”.  I filled my closet to bursting and then filled a box to sit on the floor too.

I have made several items over the summer using this newly replenished sash but still have enough fabric to ‘win’ the saying of …’the one who dies with the most fabric wins…’

My husband and I just went to Lancaster, PA for a couple of days. The quilt shops there are wonderful and very reasonably priced.  I usually go there with a list of what I want to replenish in the sash, new collection set, or a coordinated for a project.  There is so much fabric there that it is easy to be overwhelmed.  I stood among all that beautiful fabric and couldn’t bring myself to by armfuls of it. I bought 2 pieces to coordinate with something in my sash and that was all.

I never thought it would happen that I would go into a quilt shop and not buy – worst yet – not want to buy fabric.  What is the world coming too?!