Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Market 2014

I just returned from Spring Market in Pittsburgh, PA.  I went with two other friends. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive and raining on the way up there.  But we had a great time talking quilting and other stuff while on the drive. Our Hotel overlooked the river and we could see the tug boats up and down the river. It was a room with a view.

Market was exciting as always. It is a way of renewing friendships and networking. I had two friends doing book signings at the Schiffer Publishing booth and it was great to see the warm reception to their books.

What we all want to know is where are the fabric colors going? Well, I am personally pleased to see some bright colors. Maybe it is because of the long winter but I am ready for color. I think the color of the market was bright green and not the color of money but the color of spring leaves. Combine the green with teal or turquoise and yellows or orange and that is it. Medium to large flowers or other prints in the stated colors and that is the trend that I saw.

Another wonderful item is the Scan it and Cut it by Brother. I cannot detail all the wonderful things it does but look to the Brother sites and read all about it. I was so impressed that I bought one. I usually mull over my purchase decisions for months before buy but I buy it the very next day.
Happy Spring Quilting.

Look who I saw. Eleanor Burns and Leah Day. Leah is a very sweet lady and talented too!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wool and Sheep Show

I went with my daughter to the Sheep & Wool show in Maryland today.  My daughter is a terrific knitter, I am not.  There were exhibits of dog herding sheep, farm equipment auction, sheep shearing demos, and sheep in their pens to be petted.  There were lots of vendors selling wool – in roving, yarn and by the oz.  In natural colors and a rainbow of colors. They sold patterns, buttons, pins (jewelry), needles, spinning wheels, and everything else you cannot even image.

My granddaughter (14) and her friend went to see the dogs do their thing and then to the barns to pet the sheep. They phoned to ask about our progress only to hear we had barely put a dent at the vendor’s barns.  A funnel cake, another dog show, and sheep shearing demonstration and we were finally ready to call it a day.

My daughter brought two shawl patterns and some yarn. I hope to become the precipitant of one of those shawls. It is too bad I do not knit but I am better at quilting. All I bought was a bag of candied nuts.