Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old Friends and Stuff


We are replacing the carpet in our house, the whole house. It is well past time to make the change. Be aware that when companies say they will move the furniture, they mean they will the big stuff. You must pack up everything in the big stuff. So for a week now I have been packing china, clothing, everything.

Packing my sewing room was an over whelming task. I must admit I put it off until last.  Besides, once I pack all my sewing room I would not be able to quilt in any manner until the new carpet is laid and everything put back in its place. I can’t go that long without quilting! Think of the withdrawl I will go through.

Once I did start on the room it was like meeting old friends again. Some fabrics I see every time I open the closet where my fabric is stored.  Some fabric was shy, hidden in back corners where it migrated. Some had been grouped together for a future project and placed out of reach.  The notions drawers had treasures not seen as other items had been placed on top of them.  If it sounds as if it was not well organized, you are likely correct. The room began its life organize but with time habits changed, time got shorter between projects with little effort put forth for organizing in between.

My daughter came over one afternoon to help. She stated that I need to redecorate the room. I need a theme, new paint and cabinets. I think she is correct.  So when the carpet is laid I will go the local big box store and look at paint chips. She and I will draw out a floor plan and shop for storage units. I will pick a theme for the room and maybe I will become organized again. Don’t hold your breath.

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