Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4 of July

I am proud to be an American. Every person in the world has the right to be proud of their country. Politics is a small part of a country. They may have the natural beauty of the land or their rich heritage.  Yet many have a dream of coming to America.

I am a retired military spouse. For 23 years I picked up and moved or waited. There have been good and not so good assignments.  Germany where the East and West did not meet and my husband was always in the field. We wives took advantage of the time and traveled the countryside. Usually for the goodies we could buy.  That assignment was where my 11 year old daughter learned to cross stitch and I learned to quilt.  Some people on that assignment remained friends to this day.

Many years and several assignments later we spent 3 years in Hawaii. The second child’s paradise with 3 soccer seasons. I learned Hawaiian applique and a lot about art quilting. These lessons gave me more ‘tools’ to put into my tool bag.  I have seen many countries and had many experiences for which I am glad to have had. Each one made me appreciate what I have at home in America.

 Let’s remember on this day the work and sacrifices our fore fathers made so we could live in freedom.

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