Friday, March 2, 2012

White Glove Opportunities

A week has gone by since Mid-Atlantic Quilt show. I’m now
settling into my daily routine. But before any more time goes by let me tell
you about a memory I have from this year’s show. The Mid-Atlantic quilt show
has been an annual show for many years and I often attend and recognize faces
that I see each year. Some I may have taken a class with but most I just pass
in the aisles each year.
The quilts on display are always wonderful and this year no expectation.
I did white glove duty on Friday’s last shift of the day. I was given the
completive aisle of innovative and traditional quilts. Half way thru the shift a lady and her friend
stopped at a quilt and the friend started taking pictures of the woman. It was obvious
that she was the maker of the quilt. Upon seeing me approach she remarked that
she was indeed the maker and would not have touched the quilt otherwise.
She then started explaining the meaning and methods used to
make the quilt. The quilt is titled ‘de Los Muertos Celebration’ by Nancy
Christopherson. She was informative and interesting about her quilt. The conservation
ended and the small crowd that had gathered disbursed.
Some minutes later another woman was having her picture
taken by her quilt. The maker is from Australia that was all I heard about her.
A few minutes later another woman and a couple of friends
came to visit her quilt. I believe the title was ‘Cameron’s Dream’ but most
people were referring to it as the ‘VT’ quilt.’ VT’ is for Virginia Tech. She had used the official fabric and duplicated
the ‘VT’ logo; with permission she stressed that point. She created a lap size quilt that any
entering college student would love. After her group wandered away I checked my
watch and realized nearly an hour had passed.
White glove duty can offer interesting opportunities.

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