Friday, February 12, 2010

Cabin Fever

More snow and more snow. Actually, the snow has finally stopped. Wednesday was the day of snow and wind. Blizzard conditions. We watched the roof of the screened porch very closely. Another 10 inches on top of the 24 inches of the strom before. On Thursday my husband was finally able to get out of the house and put a ladder next to the porch. He was able to shovel all the snow off of the porch roof. What a relief.

The roads were barely passable and I was able to teach my class on Thursday evening. Rest assured we made an early evening as the temperature went down and the ice was forming.

What has all the snow to do with quilting, you ask. The first thought would be all the time one would have for sewing and quilting. Not so! I spent so time much time, between snow storms, outside shoveling the walkway and drive way. I spent more time outside than I do during fair weather. I think I lost 5 pounds this week. Nice but not the way I would prefer to lose it.

In the end, I did get some sewing done. Now, the sun is out and I am going outside once again. To the grocery store.
Warm weather and happy stitches.

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