Friday, October 31, 2014

Quilt Market Fall 2014 - School House

I just returned from Quilt Market in Houston. I attended a few school house sessions and it informative and fun. School house is set up in 30 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks to reach the next class. We are given a list of classes’ available (approx. 10) for each session and there are 14 sessions.  It reminded me, and many others also commented on this, of high school halls as students rush to the next class.

Each session has someone speaking about a new technique, a just released book, or a topic discussion of interest to shop owners and industry persons. My favorite was on Business Cards. What makes a good impression vs. a poor impression. It was an excellent class.

I cannot go into the details as it is Jo Packham’s class. Jo had an excellent hand out and slide show of good and poor business cards to support her theory.  I can say, use quality paper, put all pertinent information on large enough to read, and use both sides of the card. 
Watch for future blogs about Quilt Market.

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