Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rummage Sale


The ladies society for the local hospital hosts a rummage sale each year. The proceeds funds various health related items in our hospital and county. The event is free or one can buy the ‘early bird’ ticket for a small fee, which allows entry one hour before the official opening. This event has taken place for 76 years. Each year it seems larger than the last. It currently is held at the Equestrian Center which has a huge arena and several barns.  The large arena hosts the electronics, furniture, kitchen ware, linens, and vintage items. Everyone attends; people do come from an hour or more away.

Of course my husband had a list of tools he wanted to look for. I did not have a list; my job was to limit the number of items my husband would want to bring home.  I was wandering in the vintage area and saw 2 treadle sewing machines. One was a Singer which had a sold sticker on it. The other was a Pfaff.  The Pfaff stand and table looked to be in very good condition but the wood cover was locked so we could not see the machine itself. The key was missing and no could open it with any tools available there; this is likely why it had not yet been sold.

I took a leap of faith and said I would take it as is. The outer appearance looked in such good condition I could only hope the machine would be also.  I paid the $50. and we loaded it in the van.

My husband has placed it in the basement for the time being. He found a tool to open the cover without damaging the wood cover.  My faith was rewarded. The machine can be a treadle; but the machine and cover can be lifted out of the table to be portable. The machine has a hand crank in its portable mode. I did an internet search and the serial number places the machine to have been made in Mannheim Germany in 1905. In the coming months we will clean and polish and place it in a place of honor in our home.

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