Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bonding Over Quilts

Last Sunday my daughter and her husband held their annual open house. They are wonderful hosts and everyone had a great time and was reluctant to leave. One of the guests was a past coworker of my son in laws. They had been assigned to the same squadron on the west coast some 20 years ago. As most of us realize it is a small world. The coworker and family now live on the east coast about an hour away from our area. As my son in law gave them a tour of the house she noticed a quilt. She asked if my daughter had made it. My son in law replied that his wife’s mother had made it. Upon returning to the main room, our conservation became centered on quilting. She is currently making a disappearing 9 Patch and loves batiks. Who could disagree with that, not me? We had an enjoyable time bonding about quilts. I look forward to next year to hear what she has made during the time interval. I love the coincidence that leads us to fellow quilters. The quilt world gets smaller all the time.

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