Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sewing Room Reorganizing

Painting the sewing room was the first step in updating it. For many years I have had make shift selves in the closet of my sewing room. You know the left over chip board bookcase and / or the wire ‘cubbies cubes’. We decided to change that. Measurements were taken of my closet and we discussed the befits of readymade vs. custom made (D. H.) selves. On a Sunday afternoon, we drove an hour to the nearest Ikea store and bought bookcases to place inside the closet. One case is really deep- 15” and 30 ½” wide, I love it. The total width of the closet would not allow 2 of this unit. The width is enough but due to the height of the case (70”) one would not be able to put in the closet – it had to do with angles. So the answer was 1 large and 2 (10” depth) smaller cases. While the combined width is the same as 2 large cases, placing the small cases into the closet was possible. Anyway the result is wonderful. I have lots of selves. I even had room in the closet to tuck in a ‘CD’ tower to use for fat quarters. I have organized my fabrics into appropriate groups and placed them on selves. Some groups need further sorting but it’s good for now. I found fabric that I can pre-cut into squares for future quilts thus thinning the amount of fabric. More room on the selves means I can buy more fabric to replace it. What fun.

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  1. I would love to have built ins like that. I do have a single closet in my sewing room and things just thrown in, so I would like to have my husband build shelves in it, so I can store the batting in there.