Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilt Show Rained out

A hot summer and a wet autumn. We can’t seem to get it right. A hurricane and a tropical storm within two weeks left our area water logged. Each year a local historical site - a small plantation- hosts an out door quilt show. Quilts are hung out of doors, speaker’s present lectures, vendors set up tents, and tours are given of the house. The show goes on rain or shine for one Sunday afternoon. It’s a lot of work for one day. The region looks forward to the show has a sign of autumn’s coming.

This year the show has been cancelled. The storms rained several inches over the region and many streets flooded. The park where the show was to be held on is saturated and it would be impossible to set up. The poles for quilt hanging would droop and leave the quilts hanging in the mud. The tent would not hold up and booths would sink. The auto park would be a quad mire of mud with cars becoming stuck. It was the correct decision to make.

The decision was made just a few days before the event. The participates were informed
and the word was placed on the Internet to the local guilds, quilt shops, and etc. The word spread like wild fire among quilters.We will have to wait another year for the next Sully Plantation Quilt Show. Hope the weather is better next year.

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