Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Souvenir from the Holy Land

You may notice a lengthy space of time between this and my last entry. There is a good reason. In mid-February I fell while on a trip to the Holy Land. I broke my left leg and wrist. Both breaks required surgery and I will forever set off metal detectors.

It has been a long recovery process. My focus, as you can image, has been entirely on healing. Looking back I find it interesting that I had little interest in quilting or sewing. Mind you I said ‘little’ not ‘no’. It is only in the last week as my strength has returned and boredom has set in that the desire to quilt has returned. Interesting how the body sets the important priorities.

Finally I am able to wiggle my fingers and slowly type this entry. I wish for you Easter or Passover blessings or if these do not apply I wish you good thoughts to you and all of yours.

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