Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Houston Quilt Market

I just returned from the Houston Quilt Market. There is always an energy in the air. New fabrics, gadgets, old friends and new friends being made. Speaking of new 'friends', my friend and I walked out of our hotel to take a taxi. As it turned out Alex Anderson was staying at our hotel and was outside wanting a taxi to the same place as we did. We shared a taxi with Alex Anderson!

My fiend Renelda Peldunas Harter has a quilt, 'Sarajevo Rose', in the 'Text on Textiles' exhibit. That's me by 'Sarajevo Rose'. The text tells of the damage to the streets and walkways made by the motors (bombs) during the war in Bosnia. If persons were killed by the mortar the crater would be filled with a red dyed cement thus giving the crater the look of a rose. Sadly there are too many of these roses.

A sad subject but a nice quilt to honor those involved. Quilts have always been a way for the quilt makert to convey their thoughts or emotions.

More fun stuff in the next entries.

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