Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank a Vendor

I've been home a week from the Houston Quilt Festival. I have finally caught up on my sleep. Now its time to catch up on everything else.

Festival was an amazing experience. One sees another side of festival as a vendor. First there is a considerable effort vendors put into bringing their products to the attendees. They must arrange for the booth, electric, flooring, and displays. These items have to be planned, arranged, and paid for before the event takes place. Vendors function on faith that the attendees will make it all worth while.

Vendors can spend the season traveling from show to show. Sometimes packing up on Sunday evening and traveling thousands of miles to the next show. Often friendships develop among the vendors on the same circuits, and after a few years friendships between vendors and customers.

So next time you attend a show you might think about thanking a vendor for their effort.

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