Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Market in Pittsburgh

Well, that was exciting. I have never been to Pittsburgh before and I drove 4 hours to get there. I have never cared for city driving before. I sure was glad to have the GPS to guide me. Once there it was easy to drive to the covention center and back to my hotel.

Pittsburgh has a wonderful convention center. It is next to the river and a train bridge runs across the river. You can almost reach out and touch it. Yet you cannot hear it inside the center.

Market is always exciting with the colors, new items unveiling, and anticipation in the air. I thought there were fewer booths than fall market but that is usually true of spring. I noticed several new vendors at this market. It is a brave soul who sets up here for their first market, not knowing what to expect.

People were shopping though. I thought that the fabric collections this season were exceptionally good. Every manufacturer had several 'must haves'. Hoffman's Red Hots, Maywood's black and gold paisley, and too many more to mention. I also heard several authors speak about their new books.

Lesley Riley has a new book 'Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur'; very interesting how she has used a product usually used for something else and adapted it for textile art. It can be a cross-over for Art,quilts, or scrapbooks. That's why it got my attention.

I think the months to come will challenge us to choose from the many wonderful fabrics and notions that will be available to us. Keep stitching.

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