Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Warm Stitches

Welcome to my blog! I am all about quilting. I have loved quilting longer than I have loved my DH and that is 40 years!

I have been a serious quilter for 30 years. I am a quilt teacher and design quilt patterns with the beginner in mind. I have a web site that I invite you to visit. It is my hope to use this blog to share the interests and happenings in the quilt world. So, lets start.

Recently, at a local quilt guild meeting Morna McEver Golletz gave a lecture on Studios. Her presentation had pictures of several well known artists studios. It is always interesting to see the environment that others use to create their work.

We, the audience hope that we will find clues to help us become more organized or creative. In fact, as it is usually the case, they are just like ourselves. Suggestions were given about rolling carts, shelf units, and designs walls. Some do have spacious rooms with every bin and shelf labeled. But many have space limitations or storage challenges for overflowing fabrics just like us. One artist has a small space in her master bedroom and must clear the area each night.

The program was fun, informative and most of all reminded me of the saying...'where there is a will, there is a way'.

Keep quilting and warm stitches,

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