Monday, May 28, 2012

Workshop Memories

A few days ago I conducted a Jelly Roll 1600 workshop. A jelly roll 1600 is a strip quilt made from 40 strips of fabric each measuring 40” long X 2 ½” wide. Each strip sewn together into one long strip, ends are brought back together and sewn side by side increasing the width and decreasing the length.  You can to heirloom creations on ‘you tube’ for further explanations and instruction.

17 ladies arrived in time for set up and on the dot of 10 a.m. I began to speak about the process when the electricity went off and we were in the dark. We were in a lower level room.  The building manager, a fellow quilter, made some phone calls. Apparently a utility transformer was at fault and the whole area was without electricity.  We were assured that it would be fixed soon.

Some of the ladies used the apps. on their cell phones for flashlights and we took our refreshments to an upstairs room with windows. As they proceeded to get to know each other, I was fighting back panic that I would have to cancel the workshop.

The electricity came back on in 30 minutes and we were able to continue the workshop. Everyone had a terrific time and made some beautiful quilt tops. It will be a workshop they will remember for a long time.  You know when a class/workshop is a success when the students ask when the next one will be.


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